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Sweet Clash

Sweet Clash is a video game, through which you win rewards and discounts in real life. While playing, your goal is to collect golden rabbits. They could be exchanged for real prizes which could be obtained from a convenient location of a preferred shopping center. The game allows you to receive push notifications with various discounts and good offers. You will never receive unwanted notifications or messages WITHOUT an offer in them. Each one of them will be related to special discounts and offers.

  Sweet Clash

The game will be active from 01.10.2019. While waiting, you could register on www.sweetclash.io in order to be among the first who play. When you agree to receive notifications, you will be informed about new discounts and offers exclusively in the game. When you register for the game you gain access to the platform Open Push. This is where you can spend the earned golden rabbits on your preferred goods. To physically receive your desirable reward, you need to claim it in the platform. After that you receive a code which you must show when you pay in the relevant shopping center or type in if you order online.

More info could be found on  www.sweetclash.io

How to play and win

Watch the video and learn more