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Edenred's Eco Gift Cards

Eco Gift Card from Edenred Bulgaria

Eco Gift Cards are a preferred employee motivation tool among both employers and employees. Their biggest advantage is the ability for their recipient to choose the right gift to buy with the card.

What is an Edenred Eco Gift Card?

The Eco Gift Card is a prepaid Mastercard ®. It can be used for payment at a POS terminal or when shopping online. The specific feature of the new eco card is it is made of 85.5% recycled PVC and recycled paper materials are used for the packaging. For every transaction with it, Mastercard donates funds to tree planting.

Eco Card Envelopes
What are the advantages of the Eco Gift Card from Edenred?

  • You contribute to the protection of the environment
  • You reduce your plastic consumption and reduce your carbon footprint
  • Possibility of branding the card with only a logo or with a complete vision according to your design
  • Your employees choose the right gift for themselves
  • You easily load the amounts on the cards and can use them for future

Where can the Eco Gift Card be used?

The Eco Gift Card from Edenred can be used in a variety of commercial establishments, including groceries, restaurants, cafeterias, clothing stores, bookstores, pharmacies, etc. The card can be used in all establishments with a POS terminal or for online payments, in Bulgaria without a fee and outside the country for 5% of the transaction value.

For what occasions is the Eco Gift Card suitable?
  • Annual bonuses
  • Rewards for results
  • Employees' personal holidays
  • Christmas and Easter bonuses
  • Corporate travel expenses
Why choose Edenred Eco Gift Card?

Edenred Bulgaria is part of the Edenred international network, which is present in 45 countries around the world. Edenred is a leader in the prepaid corporate services market worldwide.

Edenred Bulgaria launched the campaign "Reduce your carbon footprint! Help the planet Earth to breathe!". The campaign aims to inform about the carbon footprint that each of us leaves and how we can reduce the negative impact on the environment and at the same time how to save resources and money from it. By choosing an Edenred Eco Gift Card, you contribute to reducing the consumption of plastic and reducing the carbon footprint we leave behind.

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