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Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers:


Questions related to cards:


1. What is Edenred Mastercard and where can I use it:

Edenred Mastercard is a prepaid, reloadable payment card that can be used at all POS terminals accepting Mastercard payments, as well as for online purchases.

In cases where you have received an additional instructions for usage with your card, then it can be used only in the described merchant network.


2. How can I pay with my card?

To use your card, it should be activated and you should receive your PIN code. When paying for products or services, their value is deducted from your card if there is enough available balance in it. If the transaction amount is higher than the available balance, the transaction will be rejected.

You can choose to pay by inserting the card into a POS terminal and entering a PIN code or tap to pay via contactless-enabled POS device

• For contactless payments under BGN 100, it is not necessary to enter a PIN code. For every 6th contactless transaction under BGN 100, you will be required to pay using a chip and entering a PIN code.

• For contactless payments over BGN 100, confirmation via PIN code is required

• For each unsuccessful "contactless" transaction, the payment must be restarted in the standard way by placing the card in a POS terminal.


3. How to activate my card?

Before using your card for the first time you should activate it.

  • Do you have MyEdenred profile?
  • Log in to your MyEdenred profile on MyEdenred mobile app, select the Add card in the upper left corner and follow the instructions. You will need the Serial Number written on the back of the card, the last 4 digits of the 16-digit number written on the face of the card.
  • After adding your card, you will be asked for the activation code. You can find it in the lower right corner of the cover letter which you received with your card, as well as for the CVC2 code (three-digit code) printed on the back of the card.
  • Choose your PIN code.
  • The card is ready for shopping
  • Don`t have MyEdenred yet?
  • To create a myedenred profile, log in to or download MyEdenred mobile app, click the Create Account button and follow the steps.
  • Important: Enter a valid mobile number where we will send a confirmation code to confirm your online purchasing  in case the merchant require one.
  • To add and activate your card, follow the steps from the previous point.



4. How to receive my PIN code?

You will receive your PIN code following card activation process in or MyEdenred mobile application. You will be able to check it at any time via the View PIN menu.


5. I lost my activation code

If you lose your activation code, contact the company from which you have received your card or our contact center on 0700 1 333 6.


6. I forgot my PIN code?

You can check your PIN any time in your account in or in the mobile application MyEdenred by click on View PIN.

If you do not have a registration yet, go to or download MyEdenred mobile app, click the Create Account button and follow the steps. After creating your account, add your card via Add Card menu and after clicking on the card select View PIN menu.

We will ask you to re-enter your username and password, as well as the CVC2 code on the back of your card.


7. Can I withdraw money on ATM?

No. You can use your card for payments on POS terminals and for online purchasing.


8. What is my card validity?

Your card validity is printed on the card`s front side in format mm/yy


9. What happens if I enter the wrong PIN several times?

If you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row the card will block for a certain period of time and after will unlock automatically.


10. What is the new user portal and mobile app MyEdenred

With the new MyEdenred you can easily manage all your Edenred cards as well as

  • Activate your card
  • Follow the balance and transactions of your card
  • Get access to a number of promotional offers

Create your registration on or download the mobile app MyEdenred from App store or Google Play.


11. Can I use both, the portal and the mobile app MyEdenred, with a single registration?

Yes you can! No matter where you register first, you can use the same username and password for both applications.


12. I have registration in the old Edenred portal, can I use it?

You cannot use your old username and password. You need to create a new registrations and add your card again.


13. I cannot access my account

  • There is no existing account with your email, please try with another email
  • The password is incorrect. If you do not remember your password, you can use the link Forgotten password
  • Your account is blocked – if you have entered 5 wrong passwords your account will block for 30 minutes and will unblock automatically after.


14. What is my card balance?

You can check your card balance in your profile or in MyEdenred mobile app anytime.


15. Where can I check my transactions?

You can chech your card transactions in My Cards menu.

Choose the card which you would like to check, and you will see all transactions for the last 6 months.


16. How to add another card to my account?

If you have a new card which you would like to add you need to enter profile and choose Add new card or MyEdenred mobile app and choose the + symbol in the upper right corner of the app.


17. I lost my card, what should I do?

To protect the funds on your card, log in to your account in or in the mobile app MyEdenred, and select Block card in the card options.

If you later find your card, you can unlock it by selecting the Unblock menu. If you are unable to find your card, you should contact the company that provided you with the card or contact our contact center at 0700 1 333 6.


18. Where can I find the General terms and conditions for the use of my card?

You can find the General terms and conditions  related to the use of the card in "More" section in MyEdenred mobile app as well as in the profile information section in the upper right corner of the home page in

You can also read the GTC directly here


19. How to change my password?

If you forget your password, you can click on Forgotten password in the Login page and just follow the steps.

  • Enter the email from your registration
  • Check your Inbox for Password change email
  • Click on Change password button and enter your new password.


20. Can I delete my profile?

The account can be deleted from My profile menu in

! After deleting the account, it cannot be restored, and the card cannot be added to another

Deleting the account will not affect usage of your card and you will be able to use it as before.


Questions related to vouchers:

1. Can I order Food Vouchers for myself.
Food vouchers could be purchased only buy a company, 


If you have a question we couldn't cover, please contact us via chat or at 02/ 974 02 20.