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В: How to activate my card?
О: Before using your card for the first time, you have to activate it.
 1.     Call 0700 1 3336 and choose the second option: Card Activation.
2.     Write the 16-digit code, followed by #.
3.     Fill in the activation code (on the carried that the card came with), followed by #.
4.     Choose your own PIN code, followed by #. Remember the code because you will need it with every order.

В: How to change the PIN code of my card?
О: 1. Log into your account.
2. Choose the option forgotten PIN.
3. Select the correct card and proceed.
4. You will recieve a 4-digit code you need to remember. You will need to write when changing your PIN. 
5. Call 00 1 3336 and choose the 3rd option "Forgotten PIN" and follow the instructions;
  5.1  Write the 16-digit code, followed by #.
  5.2  Fill in the code you received online, followed by #; 
  5.3  Fill in your own new PIN code, followed by #.

В: I have a second card. How to register it?
О: You can use your existing account. Follow the steps:
1.    Log in your account.
2.    Choose "Register a card"
3.    Fill in the card's number and proceed
4.    The card is added into your profile.

В: Can I order Food Vouchers for myself.
О: Food vouchers could be purchased only buy a company, 

В: I lost my card. What should I do?
O:  If you have a registration on our website. log in and choose "Lost/Expired/Stolen/Damaged" . After that contact the company who gave you the card so they can change it.
If you don't have a profile, directly contact the company who gave you the card ask them to block the old one and request issuing of a new one.

В: Can I block my card? 
О: Yes, you can. Log in your account and choose "Lost/Expired/Stolen/Damaged"


If you have a question we couldn't cover, please contact us via chat or at 02/ 974 02 20.