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Loyal business partnerships and talent recognition is a cornerstone for a healthy business. Edenred support a best-in-class international Incentive programs. Every aspect of your business could be touched with such an elegant solution - from the workforce to distributors and clients. Edenred Reward card and Voucher can be used in many situations to stimulate the desired results. 

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Advantages using the Incentive program with Edenred Reward Card and Vouchers
>    The ability to differentiate rewards - adapt the parameters of the card to the program’s goals
>    The ease of differentiating reward values - each card can be topped up with a different amount
>    The convenience of choosing a reward - the international acceptance of the cards, as well as in online transactions (the Vouchers can be used in Edenred acceptance network)
>    Simple logistics, without the need to store rewards and maintain inventories
>    A long validity period of 16 months - a card sent once can be recharged multiple times (Voucher validity is one year)
>    An ideal solution in both short and long-term programs
>    The most desirable reward, similar to cash 


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