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Food voucher Ваучер храна®


Launched in 2003 in Bulgaria our food voucher Ваучер храна® is specifically designed  with two purposes:
It helps to motivate employees and increase their purchasing  power, promoting  a healthy and balanced diet. The food voucher allows employees and their families to meet their daily needs by paying in their chosen affiliate shops or restaurants.This way, your employees can choose their preferred products and foods. On the other hand, Food Vouchers assist companies build an attractive brand as a caring employer. 

Change from 1st January 2021:

As part of the budget measures for next year, the maximum non-taxable value of food vouchers under Art. 209, para. 7 of Corporate Income Tаxation Act is increased from BGN 60 to BGN 80. From January 2021, you have the opportunity to increase the amount of food vouchers that you provide to your employees from BGN 60 to BGN 80, thus saving additional costs for taxes and social security, while at the same time motivating your employees and increasing their purchasing power in times of crisis.


Company advantages:
> Fully exemption from taxes and social contributions up to 60 BGN per month per employee (80 BGN from 1st January 2021)
> Easy system for ordering, distributing and accounting of the vouchers
> Effective management and cost optimization to motivate employees
> Improving the corporate image of your company
> Meet the daily needs of your employees and answer their specific requirements in their food choice
> Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the staff
> A team of professionals take care of your specific needs and requirements


...and employee benefits:
> Full exemption from income tax and social contribution on vouchers up to 60 BGN per month (80 BGN from 1st January 2021)
> Free choice of food facilities in the workplace
> Motivation and job satisfaction
> Easy to use
> Wide network of merchants (also optional) where you can use the vouchers

Mechanics of the system: 

how vouchers work


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