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How has the pandemic changed the eating habits of workers?

A survey conducted by Edenred Bulgaria on consumer attitudes during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Edenred Bulgaria survey

The Covid-19 pandemic changed our habits and forced many of us to stay home indefinitely. This affects the eating habits and attitudes of employees to use food vouchers.

Edenred Bulgaria - a leading operator of food vouchers - conducted a detailed study to learn more about the topic. 451 employees working in companies from different sectors in the period October - November 2020 were surveyed.

More than half (53%) of the respondents say that they have started to eat healthier and pay more attention to their health.

81% prepared their food mainly at home during the restrictive measures. Nearly 62% answered that they did not order food from restaurants, and those who did preferred restaurants that they know well before (32%).

Employees continue to value food vouchers and expect to be able to use them for online payments and for payments on food delivery platforms.

What are the other conclusions:

  • Have we changed our eating habits in the context of the pandemic?
  • What are consumers' expectations for restaurants and food vouchers?
  • Where do they use their food vouchers and has this changed in the context of the crisis?
  • How much do workers spend on lunch and what is important to them when choosing it?

What exactly are the attitudes of users and many more interesting answers can be found by downloading the FREE full report here.