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Why food waste is a problem


Substantial amounts of food are produced but not eaten by humans.Learn how this affects the family budget and the environment.

What is the damage to nature?

According to UNEP, substantial amounts of food are produced but not eaten by humans has substantial negative impacts: environmentally, socially and economically. Estimates suggest that 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are associated with food that is not consumed.

According to Eurobarometer and the EP Research Service for year 2017, 88 million tons of food waste are generated in the European Union every year. Food is wasted throughout the chain to the final consumer - on farms, in production, in shops, in restaurants and bars. However, the biggest losses were registered in households. They are responsible for about 53% of food waste.

Edenred Bulgaria Why food waste is a problem

Why food waste is a problem?

From an economic point of view, limited resources such as water, soil, energy, working time have been used for the production of food that is discarded. In addition, we have invested our finances to obtain it. Studies show that between 20 and 40% of our food budget is wasted as we throw away some of our products.

Edenred Bulgaria Why food waste is a problem

We have already mentioned the environmental aspect - wasted food is responsible for between 8 and 10% of greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity. For every kilogram of food produced, 4.5 kg carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. Food waste has been identified as one of the main polluters on the planet. Surveys from 2015 show that more than 30,000,000 tonnes of food waste are dumped worldwide, most of it by households.

Food waste also has an ethical side. It turns out that about 800 million people worldwide do not eat properly. About 3,100,000 children under the age of five die of malnutrition. According to Eurostat for year 2014, 55 million people (9.6% of the EU population) could not afford quality food every second day. Bulgaria is on 17th place in Europe in terms of food waste per year. At the same time, 1,500,000 Bulgarian citizens live below the poverty line.

Edenred Bulgaria Why food waste is a problem

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