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What distinguishes the responsible employers?

Find out what the responsible employers do for their employees.

Just like the employees, the employers have their responsibilities, too. Fulfilling them on a regular basis can win you the reputation of a secure and reliable employer who cares about the people you work with. This makes retaining your loyal employees easier and helps attracting more good professionals. Responsibility is a process and not a one-off initiative. It is part of the overall policy of the company. Learn part of the things that the responsible employers do and how they reflect on their business:

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  • Respect and support of human rights - Your employees are first and foremost people. They have their own rights and freedoms that no one can step on. Be a person and then an employer.
  • Compliance with labour standards –  Responsible employers do not discriminate against the right to work and have a profession. They do not allow forced labour, and they respect and pay overtime in accordance with the established laws. In addition, they effectively recognize the right of the collective employment contract and comply with its provisions.
  • Environmental care – Apart from their own business, every responsible employer thinks about the environmental effects they cause. They take preventive approaches for protecting the environment by committing to environmental initiatives involving the employees and management. The employer also promotes nature-friendly technologies.
  • Employee benefits - Food vouchers are one of the most popular and enjoyed employee benefit. They are provided with the monthly salary and are free of taxes up to 60 BGN. They ensure wide menu choice from the whole country and can be used in a merchants` network of more than 10 000 shops, restaurants etc. They help improving the motivation and efficiency of employees and therefore the image of the company. They carry a sense of satisfaction and show the responsibility of the employer towards their employees.

The future is in the hands of responsible employers!