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Open Push, Edenred`s Platform Connecting Merchants and Users, Won an Award at 2019s Most Innovative Solution Ceremony

The innovative solution - Open Push, developed in the partnership between Edenred Bulgaria and MV Concept, won a prize at the Innovation Аwards, organized by The French-Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce. The award was announced at the official gala dinner on 12th December 2019 at the Military Club in Sofia.

Galla Innovation Edenred

(Medhi Benbouguerra Executive director of Edenred Bulgaria and Leopold Maurel Executive director of MV Concept on his right)

The partners, Edenred Bulgaria and MV Concept, participated with their innovative solution – the platform Open Push. The main purpose of Open Push is to allow customers to connect with their merchants by favoring proximity and human contact. 

Open Push allows people to redeem vouchers, discounts and products from well-known merchants in exchange of Golden Rabbits. The ways to collect this currency are completely free – one of them includes playing the online game “Sweet Clash” where you can have fun and win prizes in real life. Open Push also allows users to receive push notifications with exclusive offers and could be easily redeemed. 

“We are creating something for the people to make their everyday life better.” – Said Leopold Maurel – partner in “MV Concept” in relation to the platform Open Push.

The second edition of the Innovation Awards aims to reward members of the French Chamber of Commerce and startups that have performed especially well by their dynamism, innovation, performance and/or ecological commitment. The selection was made by the designated jury composed of seven members from the CCIFB Executive Board, the French Embassy in Sofia, the French Tech Club, the FinTech, industrial as well as academic sectors. 


Galla innovation

(The French ambassador on the right of Medhi Benbouguerra Executive director of Edenred Bulgaria and the four winners from each category)

The winning projects were presented to the audience on the evening of the ceremony. 
“Thanks to the power of our partnership, we succeeded in bringing an advanced and innovative solution for user engagement in Bulgaria, benefitting both customers and our partner merchants” – said Medhi Benbouguerra after receiving the prize.


Open Push can be accessed via the website www.openpush.io You do not need a registration to view the product page but if you want to explore its full functionality, you have to sign in.