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Increase of food vouchers amount from 60 BGN to 80 BGN from 2021

From January 2021, employers will be able to distribute 80 BGN vouchers per month to their employees.

Edenred voucher hrana

Dear partners,

We are pleased to inform you that as part of the budget measures for next year, the maximum non-taxable value of food vouchers under Art. 209, para. 7 of Corporate Income Tаxation Act is increased from BGN 60 to BGN 80.

From January 2021, you have the opportunity to increase the amount of food vouchers that you provide to your employees from BGN 60 to BGN 80, thus saving additional costs for taxes and social security, while at the same time motivating your employees and increasing their purchasing power in times of crisis.

The Association of Food Voucher Operators, whose chairman is Edenred Bulgaria, has made great efforts to increase this, as the amount of BGN 60 has not been changed since 2009. At that time, it represented a significant part of the minimum wage and did not meet the current economic reality and the needs of more than 450,000 working Bulgarians, who receive food vouchers every month.

We remain available and will be waiting for your new orders for 2021.

More information about food vouchers and the opportunity to place your orders can be found here.

The team of Edenred Bulgaria