Ticket Compliments® gift voucher

Edenred had developed customized solutions for companies seeking for easy yet various ways to motivate their employees, improve the effectiveness of their sales teams and build loyal relationship with partners. The gift voucher Ticket Compliments® can be used in a wide number of affiliates according to the preferences of the beneficiaries. Programs for motivating and rewarding performance enables companies to distinguish individual performance of their employees and strengthen their loyalty. 
Ticket Compliments is an elegant way to motivate your employees, reward your busuness partners and build the loyalty of customers by giving them the freedom of choosing their own gift  within a wide network of merchants and service providers that includes all kinds of affiliates: restaurants, grocery stores, shops for clothes and shoes, gyms, beauty salons, and others.


Advantages for employers:
  • Saves time 
  • Building the loyalty of customers and business partners
  • Logistic efficiency: easy to order and manage
  • Extended network of partner stores affiliated to Ticket Compliments®
  • Memorable gift

Advantages for beneficiaries:
  • Wide acceptance 
  • Easy to use
  • Freedon to chose the desired gift
  • Choose a merchant and we will affiliate it to our network

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