Compliments® Cards

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What is Compliments® Prepaid MasterCard®?

Compliments® Card is a prepaid card, established on the basis of the long experience of Edenred in prepaid services, which sets a new standard for motivation and reward. Flexibility and ease of use make it the right tool for promoting and rewarding employees in each company.Compliments ® Card can be used at any establishment that accepts MasterCard ® in Bulgaria and abroad, as well as online shops. Flexibility and ease of use make it the right tool for:

                  E.POINT   Rewarding employees for Christmas, Easter, anniversary or any other occasion
                  E.POINT   Incentive and reward solution for companies looking for simple and efficient way to reward
                          business partners, retailers, customers and collaborators or to improve sales force performance

                  E.POINT   Brand positioning and promotional activities

How does Compliments® Card work?

The card can be used in all establishments that accept MasterCard, including online shops. You determine the amount which will be loaded in the card. The card is loaded with a balance which is then debited when payments are incurred through card use. You have an available balance on your card where every transaction is registered. 

                               Envelopes                 Carrier

Every single card is delivered to you in a special sealed envelope as well as an user guide and activation code.

Why opt for Compliments® Card?

                E.POINT  Wide network of acceptance - more than 38 million affiliates accepting MasterCard® wordlwide
                E.POINT  Easy issuance and activation process, no logistic burden
                E.POINT  Long validity
                E.POINT  Safety of use: powered by PrePay Solution, a jointly owned company by MasterCard® and Edenred
                E.POINT  Options for personalized design

The card cannot be used at ATM!
Compliments ® Card has been issued by Prepay Technologies Ltd, pursuant to license by MasterCard® International Incorporated. This card is an electronic money product. MasterCard®  and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registrated trade mark of MasterCard International Incorporated.