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Why financial well-being at the workplace is important?

Managing personal finances can be stressful and may have impact on how employees feel at work.

Financial well-being

More and more companies are looking for benefits and solutions to help their employees to better manage their finances, which can lead to less stress and greater efficiency at work. In order to offer a complete solution to the financial needs of its corporate clients, Edenred is partnering with Klear, an innovative fintech company. This is how the Klear Financial Well-Being powered by Edenred is created. The service is a holistic solution that allows your employees to:


Salary advance
Alternative to payday loan
Possibility to receive up to 50% of the salary with low fees
Fully online application

Free consultation with a professional
Practical advice
A combination of online resources, live training and one-on-one training sessions

Opportunity for p2p investments
High return on P2P investments
low risk

Personal loans at low rate
An average of 15% lower cost than banks
Preferential conditions for employees
Fully online application

About Klear:

Klear is an innovative fintech company.
In partnership with the German Varengold Bank, Klear is the first Bulgarian platform for peer to peer shared lending.
Klear connects people seeking higher returns for their savings with people seeking loans at a fair price, offering better conditions for both parties.
Learn more about Klear. 

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