Our Values

Our values make us unique

The values of Edenred are the common language of our 6 000 employees across all five continents and guide us in our daily work.  They are expressed in the name of the new company EDEN project which stands for Entreprendre Différemment Ensemble (Moving forward differently together) and they are: Entrepreneurial spirit, Innovation, Performance, Simplicity and Sharing. These values encourage everyone to give the best  in the service we provide to our Customers in 42 countries.

Our entrepreneurial spirit drives growth, instills our pioneering soul in the new countries we want to explore and the solutions that we continually enhance, and strengthens our local empowerment.

Innovations enable us to develop new ideas, open new markets and create new services so that we can make life easier for employees.

Performance is the key to our success, and at the heart of our expectations. Both personally and as a group, employees are the best ambassadors of this value.

We make each solution we offer to our partners simple and easy to use. Relationships with our stakeholders are natural, direct and friendly.


Sharing ideas and experience are one of the most importanti thing for us. These practices are encouraged by our networked organization.