Log in to My Compliments® Card Account

How to activate your card
Before you use your Compliments ® Card for the first time you need to activate it.
1.     Call 0700 1 3336 and select the second function: Card activation.
2.     Enter the activation code followed by hash key (#)
3.     Then enter the desired PIN followed by hash key (#) and remember it because it will be needed with every purchase you make
4.     Enter your card number followed by hash key (#)

How to register your card

1.     To register your card, first you must activate it
2.     Once your card is activated you can visit this link and enter the 16-digit number on your card (printed on the front of the card) and click "Next".
3.     Fill your details and click 'Next'.
4.     You will receive a message that your card is registered.

How to create a profile

1.     To create a user account and be able to manage your card online (check balance sheet transaction, block) click "Next".
2.     Re-enter the 16-digit card number and your e-mail address and click "Send".
3.     Choose a Username, Password and important date and click "Send".

Log in to your account

1.     To log in to your profile, use this link.
2.     Enter your details and press "Enter".
3.     Enter the required numbers of important date and press "Enter".
Forgotten PIN

1. To log into your profile, use this link.
2. Enter your details and press "Enter".
3. Enter the required number of important date and press "Enter"
4. Select the option "Forgotten PIN" menu
5. Select the card and click "Next".
6. The system will generate a 4-digit code to reset your PIN. Remember or print this code.
7. Call 0700 1 3336 and select option 3 from the "Forgotten PIN" and follow the steps.
 7.1 Enter the 16-digit card number followed by pound (#)
 7.2 Enter the 4-digit code to reset your PIN, followed by pound (#)
 7.3 Enter your new 4-digit PIN number followed by the pound (#)